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Empowering Executives to Lead the Change

When executives lead change, obstacles will prevent the organisation from transforming. 

There will be highs, and conversely, there will be low points. Through years of experience, I have discovered that one of the keys to success is awareness of potential obstacles. Preparedness can make all the difference.

"Transitioning into an Agile work environment takes the staff and their performance on a journey."


The Change Journey and The Transition to Agile

In this guide, I will outline seven obstacles I consistently see getting in the way as executives lead change programs that aim to achieve higher levels of Agile delivery performance; I’ll then provide you with the means to overcome each. 

It is generally agreed that as change is introduced into an organisation, there is a dip in performance and the workforce's morale, but what does it take to come out of the dip and reach new heights? 

Executive Alignment for Agile Adoption

States of Change

The diagram below effectively depicts the concept while adjusting the approach for each phase of an Agile change program.

Source Agility - The States of Change

  1. The REALISATION –that you can no longer stand still and need to find better ways to move forward.

  2. The WHY – identifying the often profound, hidden problems that stop you from moving forward.

  3. The HOW – Identifying the solution and how it can be done.

  4. The EMBED – Embedding the processes that make you more competitive.

  5. The AGILE – Understanding that the future is filled with change, but now you have the tools to be AGILE.

Once you have determined the stage you are currently in, you can then progress to the subsequent steps of your transformative journey process.

As you embark on your agile transformation journey, please consider partnering with Source Agility. We’ll ask the hard questions, and provide support and all the modern practices but always start from where you and your organisation are.

Obstacles to making the Transition to Agile


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