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Over-Enablement / Under-Adoption

In Obstacle 3 of the Executive Whitepaper, we explore the challenges of Over-Enablement and Under-Adoption. My work empowers individuals to reshape their mindset and make meaningful behavioural changes. 

Think of me as a personal trainer for your professional development, guiding you towards improvement, just like how you would enlist a personal trainer at the gym to enhance your fitness.

If I were your fitness trainer, I would help you in the following ways:

Fitness Trainer Example

Advice and information on your exercise and diet planning

Suggest equipment and training facilities you could use

Provide you some motivation and personal support (be a cheerleader for you)

I would act as an accountability partner; checking in to see if you are sticking to the training/diet plan

I would help at the gym supporting you as you work out

I would help collect and maintain data on your health and fitness

All of these activities enable the person to get healthier and fitter BUT the person with the fitness goal must lift the weights and run on the treadmill and eat differently; as the trainer I cannot do it for them.

During a transition to Agile the business must change; often the best consultants or coaches are helping through enablement BUT they cannot (and should not) do the change. Just like a trainer cannot lift the weights for the person training.

Often external coaches and consultants are brought into an organisation and somehow there is an expectation that change will just happen; it will not. Enablers cannot change the organisation, only the organisation can change itself.

My recommendation is to track adoption of persistent changes in the structure and behaviours
of the workforce and do not consider enablement activities as measures of progress (number of training sessions, number of coaches etc.).

Our upcoming blog post delves into the premature celebration of "Victory." We explore the necessary groundwork required to transition an organisation towards embracing Agile as a way of working. This entails mobilising individuals and familiarising them with the new processes and practices.



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Celebrating "Victory" Too Early



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