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The Shadow Cast by "Team #1"

There is a widely held view amongst the coaching and change management community that the executives should be the first team to change in the Agile transition.


Obstacle 5: The Shadow Cast by "Team #1"

In Obstacle 5 of the Executive Whitepaper, the successful adoption of Agile methodology will heavily rely on the level of sponsorship. The magnitude of success will be directly proportional to the commitment shown by the executive team in transforming their mindset and behavior.

When the leaders take the lead in embracing Agile principles, the rest of the workforce will promptly and effortlessly follow suit, creating a seamless transition towards an Agile-driven environment.

Based on the extensive analysis presented in this paper, the transition to Agile methodology will be highly effective, particularly when accompanied by robust sponsorship. Notably, if the executive team proactively modifies their mindset and behaviour, the ensuing ripple effect will swiftly permeate the workforce, aligning their practices and fostering a collective commitment to Agile principles.

This cascading transformation, characterised by a shared vision and synchronised efforts, will undoubtedly pave the way for unparalleled success in embracing Agile methodologies.
This is because of the shadow that leaders cast but do not see.

Executives must appreciate that everyone is looking to them for signals on how serious this Agile thing is in their priorities.

The smallest gestures, comments, or spoken phrases have a massive amplification effect across the organisation’s workforce.

I recommend signaling to the organisation in a meaningful and impactful way that you, personally, and the entire leadership team are actively shifting your mindset, changing how you work, and spearheading the transition to Agile methodologies.

By doing so, you will inspire and motivate others within the organisation and demonstrate your commitment and dedication to embracing a more agile and adaptive approach to work. This will lay a solid foundation for successful implementation and ensure a smooth transition to Agile practices throughout the organisation.

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