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Surviving Year One: Avoiding Common Agile Implementation Challenges

In the first year of an agile change program, it may seem like a lot has happened; it is usually the time when sponsors are starting to ask questions ...

Collect the right data to improve your Agile delivery performance

No improvement coach or consultant should start a new engagement without a plan on how they will collect delivery data. Too often change is ...

2 questions to ask before an Agile transformation

Be curious, keep your eyes open! Don't be wooden; ask! Be curious like at school. I have been an advisor and coach for a few big and lots of smaller ...

Three unexpected insights i learned on the incubator course

I have always loved to learn new things, not only new skills, but theories and concepts; anything that will boost my curiosity and keep me alert and ...

4 focus areas to accelerate your agile transformation

Changing a personal habit is very difficult. Taking up exercise, quitting smoking or learning to meditate are all practices we know are good for us, ...

What are agile coaches accountable for..?

This post summarises what 40 agile coaches said at a recent Meetup when I asked them the above question.

You're an agile coach; you bump into the CEO in the lift. What do you ...

In your first conversation with a leader, here’s one thing an agile coach should probably not discuss. Agile. That’s right, don’t talk about it, no ...
Source Agility - Responsive Agile Coaching book


In “Responsive Agile Coaching” – Niall McShane draws on over a decade of agile coaching experience to document a clear and well-researched model that lifts the lid on how agile coaching actually works. The book starts by defining what the role of agile coach has become in recent times before putting forward a field-tested and theoretically sound model for conducting agile coaching conversations.