The Benevolent Disruptor Podcast

The Benovolent Disruptor


Conversations on agility that drive systematic performance outcomes.

Provocative, disruptive (but helpful) conversations for leaders or sponsors of agile change programs. Niall McShane has been working with sponsors of Agile change programs for decades; he tells stories from the field weaving in industry theory and insights to help leaders get a handle on the role they play as disruptors and agents of change. Listen on the following podcasts by Niall McShane.

8 Measures of Software Delivery Performance

In this episode, Niall explores the 8 Measures of Software Delivery Performance and their significance in an organisation. Join in as he delves into ...

Unveiling the Invisible: Executive Teams and Agile Transformation

The podcast delves into the vital role of executive teams in organisational change management. Niall emphasises that active sponsorship from the ...

Agile Transformation: Winning Hearts & Minds at the Coalface

The podcast discusses the challenges and insights an executive should consider when embarking on a change programme. Niall and Dan emphasise that ...

An Executive's Guide to Thriving When Agile Arrives

The executives are ultimately accountable for an Agile change program in their organisation. That’s why they need to take the reins and have a ...

5 Questions Executives Should Ask Before an Agile Transformation.

Often, Agile change or transformation programs are mobilised without proper consideration. In this podcast, Niall McShane shares these five questions ...

An Executive's Guide to Agile "gobble-dee-gook"

An executive is most responsible for an Agile change program in their organisation. That's why they must understand how to communicate and navigate ...

Why agile should not be used to reduce cost.

Niall McShane introduces the podcast and its theme by exploring the "productivity versus purpose" tension. He discusses why using agile to reduce ...
Source Agility - Responsive Agile Coaching book


In “Responsive Agile Coaching” – Niall McShane draws on over a decade of agile coaching experience to document a clear and well-researched model that lifts the lid on how agile coaching actually works. The book starts by defining what the role of agile coach has become in recent times before putting forward a field-tested and theoretically sound model for conducting agile coaching conversations.